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Nutritional Menu by Judy Chambers

One-on-One Precision Nutrition Plan: $189 (2 hr initial assessment/30 min follow-up)

If you are lacking energy, confused about what to eat and you want to lose a few extra pounds and keep it off; this 2 hour session will create an individualized eating plan that is tailored to you and will help empower you to make intelligent, practical and attainable nutritional choices guaranteed to get results.

No more diets!

Judy promotes gradual, sustainable shifts in the way we feed ourselves, making change relatively effortless and permanent. She will investigate and assess your health imbalances. She will also provide you with great recipes that are simple, healthy, unprocessed, and easy to make.

Home Visit – Pantry Purge & Re-Stock: $199 (2 hours)

Are your kitchen cupboards full of comfort foods that you can’t get rid of, or items you have no idea if they are good for you or not ? Your cupboards are most likely full of foods that are harmful to you and your family.
Judy will come into your home and help you Purge, get rid of kitchen clutter, comfort foods that are just not serving you. She will help you pare down to healthy essentials teaching you what foods to re-stock with, making it easier for you and or your family to make healthier, sustainable choices when it comes to the meal plan in your home.

Supermarket Smarts Tour: Individual: $99/ Group (4 people) $ 30/person

Demystify the shopping experience in a fun and practical shopping tour led by the passionate, playful and hugely knowledgeable Judy Chambers.
She will teach you not only how to read food labels to make healthier choices, but will explain what’s not always on food labels. Not all foods are manufactured equally, you will learn which foods are healthy and which ones are not based on how they are processed.
Choose a one-on-one personalized tour or get a group of friends together and make it an enjoyable social outing that will relieve shopping stress for years to come!

Cooking Classes: $45/person

Eat Smart: Clean, Lean… Fast Track Cuisine!

If you believe that healthy food means boring and tasteless, think again! Sign up for one of these cooking classes, where Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Chef Judy Chambers will get you chopping your way to unbelievably delicious fare. Judy will also teach you a Precision Nutrition Plan: how to choose quality ingredients that deliver results—fat loss, increased lean body mass, hormonal balancing, elimination of food cravings, increased energy, performance and stamina. Learn why the food industry does not have your health at heart, and how you can fight back. These hands-on cooking classes will leave you inspired, confident and ready to cook and eat smart!

Cooking Class Themes:

Gluten-free Grains
Seasonal Soups & Stews
Snappy Salads & Veggies
Superfood Snacks
Peak Protein

Workshops: $55/person (2 hours)

Kick Start/Back to Basics – Pantry Purge & Re-stock
Peak Metabolism
Hormone Boot Camp
Dynamic Detox
Super Immunity