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Partner Training Rates

Train with a friend or your partner, this makes personal training more affordable and fun. Even though there are two people to one trainer you will still get personal attention and focus on your specific needs. The partner training is very similar to private training, but you have a partner to compete with or pair up with and do exercises with and get a great workout!

What to expect in Partner Training:

Your partner in training may not be at the same fitness level as you, which is ok. That’s why we like to schedule the first session alone with each one of you, so that we can assess your level and design an exercise program that is custom to you. In your second session, you’ll partner up and workout together.


    “She’s dedicated and an exceptionally skilled trainer with a wealth of knowledge in fitness, nutrition, sports psychology and physiology. Personally, she’s fun to train with, her workouts are innovative and she’s willing to put up with our many complaints. We would highly recommend Tiz if anyone is looking for an inspired and inspiring trainer”.

    Lee K. & Elsie D.

    “Tiz creates great partner training sessions that gives each of us a personalized workouts suited to our personal fitness needs and abilities allowing us to train together but still achieve our own goals”

    Karen M. & Kerry B.